Today I visited my Nanna. She isn't alive anymore, and I never got to meet her. However, when I think of her, we meet in my imagination, in a beautiful garden. She walks around the corner wearing her best matching hat and dress that I saw her wear out in photographs. There is a path with flowers spilling over the edges that she walks down to greet me. It is always sunny, and she is a bright and beautiful as the sun and the garden around her.

I have met her a few times here, we always sit at a small table amongst flowers, birds, and butterflies, and she says sweet, philosophical things about life, and encourages me to be strong. We talk about gardening a lot, as it was something she really enjoyed too. We are similar that way. We also look very similar, so seeing her in the garden is like seeing an older, perfect version of myself.

Today was special, because we gardened together. Today was the longest time I have spent with her. I think I get better each time at continuing our conversations, as I seem to get tired. She always says goodbye and hugs and kisses me, but today we had time to garden first.

This image is a photo of my Nanna and Grandpa. This is the dress and hat she wears when we meet in the garden.