Custom balcony table made of pallets

My table design finally comes to life!
My original AutoCAD sketch and the final product.
I have finally finished one of my favourite projects - a narrow bar table made entirely of recycled timber pallets. I designed it back in May and was waiting for the perfect set of three pallets to get started.

The idea behind the table came from the design of my apartment which has a really long narrow balcony which doesn't have the width to fit a standard outdoor setting. As the timber was not going to be the best quality I thought going for a really distressed look may lend itself to a theme for the table. With the stools however I thought I'd try a contemporary style, so that the table and stools together would have an industrial chic thing going on. I threw on a few industrial castors on the legs too just to top it off!

The pallets were just a cheap pine (which I originally wasn't a fan of, but later I loved due to it's light weight and workability when you have minimal power tools!) and they were quite warped so lots of work had to be done, and every pallet completely de-constructed and reworked  as squarely as I could into 3 separate frames. These frames were panelled in and then joined to make the table.

As I was working I completely fell in love with the timber, making sure every burnt, branded and knotted piece was used to add character. I did find however, that my meagre tools which consisted of a rusty handsaw, an electric drill, a builders square, and a hammer was not going to quite cut it. Thankfully I borrowed a circular saw from a friend, and the long lengths of timber became so much easier to manage! Something interesting that I found was that all my tools were from my father and grandpa who were builders and woodworkers. Just knowing that the tools had been used by them helped me continue when I was struggling!

Finally having the table on my balcony makes me so happy. It is both beautiful and practical, and I can imagine will be the home of many a dinner/ cocktail party at my place....can.not.wait.

*This table cost me $25 to make! Remember to keep your eye out for free materials you can recycle and re-purpose.