Tree - died of a broken heart

From my blog Ecocentric

Here I was thinking that trees had the life. I was jealous of their steady, wise nature. However last week I learned something that has made me think again!

Trees cannot heal. Unlike animals who can literally heal our wounds by creating new cells, trees cannot. Trees can form new tissue to 'seal over' wounds.

Maybe (despite the fact that we are destroying our planet), we are more clever than trees?

I loved these images I found at, but now I look at them with a new understanding. These trees have all been wounded, and are creating new cells to seal, not heal themselves.

So, when pruning trees, it is better to formative prune early on, so branches are taken off when they are small ( thus creating smaller wounds) . Also think about the reason for pruning and whether it is really necessary for the particular tree for example if you have a Jacaranda tree and have the space, try not to prune it at all as this gives them their best shape x