Ecocentric design for a Day Spa

Today was Ecocentric's day to install a new garden for Facebody Day Spa on Victoria Rd Parramatta.

After driving past the business every day , and noticing the beautiful script of Face Body Day Spa floating above the garden bed, I was inspired 
to offer a simple, small scale design that maximises the visibility of the business. 

We mass planted Convolvulus sabatius 'Two Moons', a cascading ground cover which will still allow the signage to 'float' above the mass of white and occasional purple flowers. One established, it is an extremely hardy ground cover, and is an interesting cultivar which has mainly white flowers.

I can't wait to watch this display grow, and will add more images as it does.

I would like to thank: Adrien for helping me with this project, Swane's Nursery for sourcing the plants, and Robyn Hamilton the lovely owner.