Valentine's Day Living Hearts! Where are all the romantics at?

Living hearts and new display frame

 Last year I played around with making succulent hearts and made a note to remember to make some for Valentine's Day this year. I am hoping that there are some romantics out there!

To display these living hearts, I designed and made a plywood A frame which I varnished so that I could write with whiteboard marker. It looked a little plain so I added a jute rope elements to further eco it up a little! I've found that the smaller objects that I sell often get a little lost when being displayed so I hope this new shop display helps.

So far I've noticed more people stopping to have a little chuckle as they pass by which is fun to watch, even if I don't sell them all. A little bit of humour is design is always good!

I had a lot of fun making these, especially the labels. I really wanted to make them fun rather than romantically intense so swapped the red and white for fun fluorescent colours instead.

May all the taken and single alike have a fun Valentine's Day because even if you're like me, there's always fluro to love!