Agnes Banks , Banksia's, and Red Bellied Blacks

L A post from my blog Ecocentric
On Friday I went to the most beautiful place I know. Its called Agnes Banks which is on the way to Richmond. It is the only place in the world where the plant community of Agnes Banks Woodland exist. I stumbles across it one day when I went looking for an endangered species Persoonia nutans (the one with the tiny yellow flowers) and found it! 

I had to go back, and a new Tech assignment was a great excuse. I rode my bike and went for a trek. I found the most gnarled Banksia serrata (Old Man Banksia) I had ever seen, and the cute Banksia aemula's.

I was so engrossed in the vegetation that I failed to notice a red bellied black snake under my foot until it had reared up like a cobra and hissed at me! Thank god the snake did not feel like killing me that day. Would have been an interesting ride to the nearest hospital...