On temporality and mortality

From my blog http://my-myone.blogspot.com

I took this photo at my grandparents property last year after my Grandma passed away.

It inspired, and continues to inspire me. Skulls and plants are used together, depicting the whole cycle of life. Objects and plants are haphazardly displayed in recycled junk and old pots bought 40 years ago. The plants, like these geraniums are unattended to, never hand watered, fertilized or pruned, and would have been propagated from geraniums alive decades ago.

City folk would most probably find the objects in this image incompatible, or at least bizarre; while it seems when you live on the land life and death are compatible - conceptually and aesthetically. I never lived on a farm, but my holidays spent at my grandparents 12'000 acre farm in north-west NSW has influenced my art/design practice. Temporality is more beautiful than permanence, and nature teaches you about your own mortality.