Backwards in going forward

From my blog Ecocentric

I went to Vaucluse house a few weeks ago and gained a new love for gardenesque landscape style. It was popular in a time when you would show your social stature by displaying the plants you had collected from exotic tropical and oriental places. Palm trees were placed alongside succulents and soft wooded perrenials, which is unthinkable in contemporary design!

I found these beautiful images of the gardens of Vaucluse House and fell in love... I have never been a fan of palms or ferns until now! You can see how their precious specimens were potted and displayed in the courtyard, and oh how they would impress their friends!

I have also been looking into plant species used during the art deco style, seeing as my bedroom is tending towards that style. So bring on the Boston Ferns and Parlour Palms on antique plant stands! Its strange how looking to the past you can see ideas for the future. I will keep you posted. x