Money can't buy this kind of beauty

From my blog Ecocentric

Yesterday on my way to Tech I saw a ragged looking pot plant out on the street for a council pick up, I wanted to pull over and grab it, but I was late for class. Today on my way, I decided to take a detour to check that it was not still there, assuming someone else would have noticed it's beauty and rescued it. Long story short it was still there! It is a gorgeous Philodendron bipinnatifidum, severely pot-bound, with gnarly stilt roots bending their way back to the little soil it has. Money can't buy this kind of beauty. Plants that have been neglected have more often than not a very unique form, as they struggle to adapt to the conditions.

Little did my poor plant know that a loving horticulture student would rescue it, taken photo's of it, and post it on the internet :)