Cute Kitty Planter

from my blog ecocentric

I got this beautiful vintage china kitten about a year ago. They were designed to be little planters, with a hole in the back to put soil in. My mum had one except it was a frog :)

I originally put a little fern in it ( which lasted about a week) which I now understand was a very bad plant choice! From work the other day I bought this little Umbrella Plant - Schefflera arboricola. This plant is notoriously hardy (and weedy if you plant it in the garden) and seems to be loving it's little china home on my bedroom windowsill. It will grow large so I will have to keep it well  pruned, and even remove it from the planter every 6 month to a year and prune the roots too.

I hate narrow windowsills like most apartments have, as they are too narrow for conventional pots. However if you see a little gem like this, get it and add some life to a difficult corner x