Graduating exhibition

These are some images from my landscape design graduating exhibition.

There is a welcome mat artwork for the exhibition made of a live roll of turf, roundup, and spray paint. The work was designed to be walked on, as a real mat would. In this way it an ephemeral work. I wanted to do a work which humorously reflected the horticulture industry. It was a challenging work, and required me to grow turf on my balcony for a month! 

There are images of my major concept design which was a park design which I had designed as an outdoor gallery, and also a display of my business cards which the cute suitcase asked people to take.

Tafe has now ended, and I can now throw myself into  my Ecocentric business. I want to say a huge thank you to these people: Rebecca Lawrence, Debbie Mitchison, Bec Harper, and Nicolle Clout. Nic, we made it!!!!!!! xxx