My love life is a ... lounge!

After moving my 1960's click clack sofa lounge into a more visible area, the original linen backing ( brown, mouldy and water stained) was giving me the heebie jeebies! I ripped it off, gave the mechanisms a once over, then got to thinking about what I could do with my backless couch. 

I ended up buying 2m of calico, and some upholsterers tacks and got started. It needed some interest, and I had to put some element of character into it or it wouldn't be Ecocentric would it? I decided on a red word, and love was the first that came to mind... don't ask me why. 

These night time images don't do it justice as it ended up being super fun and vibrant. It may not stay like this forever, but I needed some excitement in my living room and in my life!

I love rejuvenating things whether it's old furniture or cars. With a couple of dollars, and some imagination, you can give everything you own your own style. And when your style changes, you renovate again, rather than just going out and buying something new. When you put your soul into an object you probably won't want to ever let it go anyway!

Don't throw things out, do them up xxxx