My finally (almost) finished Fred Lowen chair !

 After picking this beauty up from the antique store next door, I decided to strip it back, varnish and re-upholstered.

I sewed a new cover using the old one as a template, and eventually, with some gentle coaxing, I got over my fears of it not working, and we started stapling and tacking away.

It ended up perfect, the colours and textures are beautiful, and it is really comfortable. It has become my laptop chair ( who needs a desk when you have a perfectly good lap to use?)

I still have a rolled neck rest to design and attach, but that will be something for an empty weekend.

Thank you Adrien for your help with this, and all the other projects we worked together on. This is one I definitely could not have done without you.

By the way, the photo of me looking slightly constipated was a still of the moment of truth, hoping to god that my sewing was sufficient!