An ecocentric rustic garden

 This weekend I helped design and possibly the most Ecocentric garden yet!

The garden belongs to the wonderful Janice in Sydney, a creative collector of many things.  In her garden, we separated the space in to separate areas such as the 'rustic garden' with old wooden and rusty steel pieces, and the 'lady garden' with female sculptures and flowering cottage plants. This helped her arrange all her collected items in a way that is easy to understand and that shows off their beauty.

Janice had a large amount of succulents, so to unify them, I displayed them in an empty birdbath. She was also lovely enough to purchase an Ecocentric succulent frame which ties in beautifully with the succulent birdbath nearby.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with someone who encapsulated the Ecocentric spirit. Janice now has an organised, exciting space which reflects her personality, and gives  renewed purpose to all of her collected treasures.