Balcony Bar Table

Some people go out on a Saturday night. People like me stay home and design their new outdoor setting!

Like many people who live in the city, I have an extremely narrow balcony which is difficult to navigate and decorate. My current outdoor setting takes up too much of the width of the space and doesn't reflect the contemporary style of the interior of my home enough.

This design is of a solid timber bar table in a really simple box shape. I am yet to decide on a choice of timber, but part of me is leaning toward having a go at constructing it out of old pallets. This would suit my vision, as I am feeling like a really rustic yet crisp edged finish of the table would be lovely. What I really want to do however, is offset that with pair that with shiny, modern  bar stools.

I had fun tonight mocking it up in AutoCAD and Photoshop. I may not have started making it, but I've begun something!