Vertical Garden with Artificial Succulents!

I ordinarily detest artificial plants/flowers, being a horticulturist they are way too easy to pick. Sometimes they have an awful smell too!

However some artificial succulents are quite nicely made and seem to be becoming much more lifelike.

This artwork was made for my best friend, who loves plants but doesn't have the time for anything high maintenance. She loved the idea of a vertical garden for her apartment so this seemed like a fun experiment!

The base of the work is a a sheet of wheat grass which I grew on cotton wool, and then let died. After the grass dried up, I spray painted it green again to make it appear like Mondo Grass. The artificial succulents were fed through it and tied at the back, and then the whole thing was attached to the wooden frame.

I enjoyed playing around with this, and was a change from all the living stuff! I find that the dried wheat grass gives the whole thing a certain amount of reality that it needed.

Happy Birthday Debbie!