Recycled bath caddy

 A few weeks ago I decided I'd love to have a timber bath I love a sneaky glass of red to help the relaxation process. However, after a bit of research I found they were ridiculously expensive! As a DIY lover, I took this predicament as a challenge. How could I make one in a night while I still had the creative urge?

I didn't have enough timber hanging around so I had to think even more laterally. I went to the shed and found a timber bath mat I bought once because it looked stylish but ended up being quite useless. I sat it over the edge of the bath, but it didn't quite span the gap. What I ended doing was sawing the bath mat in half, and then cut one half into pieces to add to the ends of the caddy so it would hook over the edges of the bath.

It's not the fanciest of bath caddies (no book holder or inlayed sections for soap etc.) but like how rustic it is, how little it cost, and the fact it took me 30mins to make!