Día de los Muertos - My day of the dead

I was not lucky enough to be in Mexico for the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), a tradition that may date back to the pre-hispanic era 3000 years ago. 

So this Thursday and Friday I've decided to have my own Dia de los Muertos! I have collected some Mexican Marigolds cempasúchitl (which are also African Marigolds) and have put together  a mini alter of some of my pieces I bought in Mexican markets.  

The tradition was dedicated to the goddess Lady of the Dead, corresponding to the name of Catrina.

The framed piece is of La Calavera Catrina a popular image of Catrina often used in Day of the Dead festivities. 

The 9 blue candles are of Saint Death and have attached prayers to say for 9 days. I've translated them and they are really beautiful. The blue ones are meant to help your sense of spirituality and wisdom... so I might give it a try.

I just love the idea of Dia de los Muertos. Death is really embraced in Mexican culture, and I think by accepting it more rather than rejecting it as being part of life it becomes less tragic somehow?

It really is a celebration... colourful and passionate, with family and friends and your favourite foods.

I love Marigolds too, and I only wish I was in Xochimilco again exploring the floating gardens now, as it would be filled with Marigolds grown especially for the festival.

The image of the foliage is at the Sonora Market where I bought the candles as well. I guess it was something of a witchcraft market and these plants are all fresh and dried herbs! I had never seen anything in my life and the smell was amazing. My candles are still infused with the smell of the markets almost a year later!

My little Day of the Dead ceremony will be nothing like the real thing...more of a wishing I were there. However I believe any little ritual which brings some peace wonderful; especially when it's full of colour like everything Mexican!