Handmade cards. Come on, make some!

Another year of Ecocentric is coming to an end and I wanted to give back to those who have supported me somehow.

I love cards, they are this lovely mixture of a gift, a letter, and an artwork. I thought it may be a nice way to say thank you to my Ecocentric friends and clients.

I wanted a succulent theme as most of my artworks have them in it, so I drew a collection of succulent rosettes in AutoCAD by outlining a photo. I then printed this off and traced it on to one half of a sheet of A4 paper. I then gave them a little lick of acrylic paint to liven it up, and then stuck on some giftwrapping paper in similar colours for some texture. I then folded the card in half again and wrote my messages on the inside.

I used similar materials for the envelopes too, just adding a spot of felt on the back where you open the envelope for a spot of fun!

I had everything I needed at home to make the cards and envelopes. It always amazes me what can be made from what little you already have at home.

It's a fantastic challenge actually. Why not try and make your birthday and Christmas cards like this? Bring out your art/craft supplies and be creative.

For free, you can turn bits and pieces of materials and ideas in your mind into something gorgeous that will bring others happiness.