The Green Gallery website design

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work on a new website for Jeremy of The Green Gallery nursery. His plants are the most colourful, quality plants around and the company; one of the most experimental and vibrant in horticulture.

 I needed to reflect all of this in their website, and really showcase their products in the way that they deserve. By no way am I a professional web designer, but a designer I am, and love to dabble in any form of design I can. After building this site it almost makes me want to re-do mine again!

For Jeremy I heavily modified a blogger template Wallbase. I loved the expanding menu tab on the left and large internal area to show off a slideshow of his nursery and products. I have also added a blog, gallery (in progress), availability lists ( with photos) and simple contacts page. As it is technically a blog, Jeremy can run the site himself which I felt was important in terms of keeping the site up to date every week.

All I can hope it that the site is a beautiful as the flowers is is there to sell! 

Main page

Main page, showing expandable menu and slideshow

Blog page

Contacts page