Rozelle Markets - An Ecocentric Success!

Rozelle Market Stall

 Ecocentic had it's first market stall on Sunday! It was such a fun day, meeting customers and gauging the reaction to my products.

It seems to validate what I do, and encourages me to keep experimenting and pushing the boundaries of plants!

The day was a great success despite the difficult 35 degree heat and strong winds (although I'm extremely sunburnt!)

I loved the feeling of having my own little shop for a day, and is making me dream a little of that eventual possibility. I met some incredible people throughout the day so thank you to you.

I really need to say a huge thanks to many people: Debbie for being my incredible assistant- I couldn't have done it without you, Nicolle clout for helping make the whole thing happen, my housemate Jas for putting up with the temporary market stall set up in the lounge room, to all my friends who came to support me...

.... and of course all the lovely customers who dared to be Ecocentric like me.

My beautiful friend Mel snapping up a succulent ball 

A gorgeous customer with a succulent neckalce
Please take a business card!

My amazing assistant Debbie