Ecocentric items in their new habitats

A succulent ball years on!
One of my first succulent balls right at home at Eastwood NSW
A funky festuca grass hanging ball in it's new home in Jindabyne NSW!
Thanks for the image Erin

I've been sent some fantastic images of my products in their new homes, and every time my heart skips a beat!

This is what a live for - seeing these pieces I put my heart ( and all my succulents!) into going forth into the big wide world. When I make them they are only an item, but they become more as they are displayed someone special in a home.

I feel like deleting that last sentence as it sounds like I'm talking about my offspring, however it's true and I'm all about that so I'll leave it!

If any of you have fantastic images of your Ecocentric items, send them in to me! I'd love to see them.

A succulent frame chilling out in it's home in Griffith NSW.
Thanks for the images Couch sisters!