Custom up-cycled sofa cushions

My new sofa and custom cushions

If anyone has ever gone sofa shopping you would know that they are EXPENSIVE and after days of bargain hunting I still couldn't find anything I liked that was in my price range. I was feeling very sorry for myself and just when  I was going to give up on the whole idea I remembered one of my biggest beliefs:

a lack of money is no excuse for a lack of style...

... and this applies to anything. I must admit, money makes it easier to get something beautiful and if you have ever shopped with someone with a lot of money, it is very different (not gawking at spending $1000's on the smallest of items). However if you're creative and smart, and are prepared to put in some time and effort, you can have beautiful things too (not to mention the connection you will have them because you made or modified them yourself!)

I jumped on to Gumtree and found this second hand 3 piece block lounge that had the potential to be the fun comfy lounge I've always dreamed of! They cost $100 which was a bargain, even with the modifications I was planning to make. These included making big bolster cushions to run along the back of each section, and making another modular ottoman element that can be used as a chaise. The ottoman will be a future project, but the pillows have been finally completed!

This fabulous fabric which will completely free
 my colour scheme!
In an attempt to save money and recycle, I cut open an old feather mattress topper to use the down to fill these giant cushions I had designed (which was the messiest process ever and I'm still finding feathers in surprising places!). I bought feather proof fabric called Japara to make the cushions out of and then a cotton drill with zippers for the cushion covers so I can chuck them in the wash.

 I plan to make cushion covers every so often so I can change them as often as a my creative heart does!

There is something lovely about a bolster cushion.
Who wants to be square? Seriously!
That's something else I found interesting about lounges : people kept telling me that lounges are a long term investment so you fork out the money and keep it until you need a new one. I have too many creative whims to stick with a lounge for 10 years!

I have been having so much fun moving all the pieces around, and can't wait to have one more piece to play with once I've made the chaise. It is just all so fun, and fun is always good. Oh and I christened them yesterday... laid on them and read/slept for an entire day which is incredibly unlike me!

This project has left me really inspired, so to anyone out there feeling constrained by cost, get creative!